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Sam Claflin attends the Audi A8 Launch at Cowdray House on November 24, 2017 in Midhurst, England. Thanks to Maria, I have added the photos to the gallery so, go there to take a look.

Sam Claflin plays a charismatic young British officer coming apart under combat stress in First World War drama Journey’s End. Screen talks to the actor about his passion for RC Sherriff’s 1928 play.

For Sam Claflin, it was seeing Journey’s End on the stage that first ignited his passion to play the role of young First World War officer Captain Stanhope. The Suffolk-born actor was in his second year at London acting school Lamda when students in the graduating year presented the 1928 RC Sherriff play.

“I just remember being completely spellbound,” says Claflin. “Being completely in awe, not only of the performances, but the story and the characters and the relationships and the world that was created. I remember sitting there in the audience thinking, ‘I have to do this play. I have to somehow find a way of doing this professionally.’”

That chance seemed to come when theatre director David Grindley, who had mounted a successful version of the play in 2004, sounded out Claflin about starring in a revival. “We sat in the Groucho, and I was basically swearing, very excited,” recalls the actor. “But we couldn’t. I was in the middle of doing The Hunger Games. There was an array of scheduling conflicts.”

Instead, the 2010 Screen International Star of Tomorrow became attached to a film version, adapted by Simon Reade and produced by Reade and Guy de Beaujeu — who had previously collaborated on the 2012 film version of Michael Morpurgo’s First World War novel Private Peaceful. After two years of rather tentative momentum, the film finally came together for a pre-Christmas shoot in 2016, with Saul Dibb, whose credits include The Duchess and Suite Francaise, in the director’s chair.

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I have added photoshoots of Sam Claflin from 2016 to the gallery. I still need to add tons of stuff here but please, be patient. Go t the gallery to take a look.

Good Deed Entertainment, the company that also acquired Oscar buzzed about ani feature Loving Vincent, has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Journey’s End from London’s Metro International Entertainment. It plans a Spring 2018 theatrical release for the Saul Dibb-directed film which recently premiered at Toronto and played at the London Film Festival.

Journey’s End stars Sam Claflin (Me Before You), Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire), Asa Butterfield (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), Toby Jones, Tom Sturridge (Far From the Madding Crowd) from a screenplay adapted by Simon Reade (Private Peaceful).

Set in the trenches of WWI, the film is based on English WW1 officer R. C. Sherriff’s play and his rediscovered novel co-written with Vernon Bartlett. The story follows 18-year-old new recruit Lieutenant Raleigh (Butterfield) who has pulled strings to join his childhood friend and hero Captain Stanhope (Claflin) on the front line. However, Stanhope is horrified by Raleigh’s arrival into the tension and claustrophobia of the officers’ dugout where they are anticipating a massive German advance. Stanhope has been altered almost beyond recognition by three years of
war, kept going only by the thought that when the war is over he can return to his love – Raleigh’s sister Margaret.

Guy de Beaujeu produced alongside Reade through Fluidity Films. The production is backed by the BFI (with money from UK’s The National Lottery), Fluidity Films, British Film Company, Metro International, Ingenious, The Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget and Adrian Politowski’s Umedia.

As a play, Journey’s End was first presented at the Apollo Theatre in London, December 1928. The story dramatizes WW1’s actual Spring Offensive, launched by the Germans on March 21, 1918, at St Quentin, France, their last advance of the War.

“We are deeply honoured to be involved in the release of Journey’s End. The film gives a personal voice to the soldiers of WWI and shines a light on their bravery, humanity and humility,” said GDE’s CEO & Founder Scott Donley. “The story might be historical, yet it somehow couldn’t feel more timely.”

GDE’s Kristin Harris and CAA brokered the deal. [Source]

Korean sales company Finecut has announced a raft of pre-sales on 3D animation Red Shoes & The 7 Dwarfs as well as additional casting of Me Before You star Sam Claflin and Patrick Warburton from TV series Family Guy.

Sales deals for the fairytale parody include Italy (Lucky Red), the Baltic states (Acme Film), ex-Yugoslavia and Albania (Blitz Film & Video Distribution), India (MVP), Middle East (Gulf Film), Poland (Kino Swiat), Portugal (Nos Lusomundo) and Turkey (Fabula Medya).

Chloe Grace Moretz was already attached as Snow White, Gina Gershon as Regina (Evil Queen) and Jim Rash as Prince Average.

Clafin is set to play the main role of Merlin, a once arrogant, looks-obsessed prince who gradually realizes the true meaning of beauty, and Warburton will play the role of Magic Mirror.

Directed by Hong Sungho (Egg-Cola, Wonderful Days) who also wrote the original storyline, Red Shoes & The 7 Dwarfs’ head of animation is Jin Kim, whose credits include character designer/character supervisor on Big Hero 6 and character designer on Frozen and Tangled.

Budgeted at $20m, the animation is produced and presented by Seoul-based CGI studio Locus Corporation.

Although Hong says he is trying to show with the animation that true beauty is not limited to appearances, the film’s marketing campaign in Cannes earlier this year drew ire with accusations of body-shaming. Locus eventually apologized and cancelled the campaign.

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I have added scans for a new magazine featured to Sam Claflin.

I don’t like to post personal stuff of Sam but this is a happy new and want to congrats the couple. Congratulations!!!!

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock are expecting their second child.

Sam and his wife welcomed their first child Jan. 20, 2016—so the future siblings will be close in age! [Source]

Since R.C. Sherriff wrote it way back in 1928, the World War I play Journey’s End has become a staple of theatres, GCSE English students – and occasional film adaptations. It’s been adapted for screen four times previously, and now a new version is in the pipeline from The Duchess/Suite Francaise director Saul Dibb. The first trailer has arrived – take a look below.

Offering a bleak, damning view of life in the trenches, Journey’s End sees Asa Butterfield play Raleigh, a naive young officer posted to a war-weary C-company in northern France. There he reunites with old friend Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin), whose experience has changed him dramatically. Fellow officers Osborne, Hibbert, and Trotter (Paul Bettany, Tom Sturridge and Stephen Graham, respectively) and their cook Mason (Toby Jones) also share a claustrophobic trench.

Promising powerful performances from the prime of British acting, Journey’s End arrives in cinemas on 2 February, 2018. [Source]

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